[written 09/13/04]

that would make me really happy:

  • ~ graduation
  • ~ no more ants in my apartment.. ever
  • ~ a clean smelling apartment when i walk in the door
  • ~ a bed!
  • ~ clean clothing
  • ~ longer hair, less frizz
  • ~ good email and snail mail, maybe even a package or two
  • ~ a regular excercise routine
  • ~ weeks of no fights with him
  • ~ sustained intense sweet good connection with him
  • ~ a perfectly working no-headache refridgerator
  • ~ wireless internet at home
  • ~ a big pay raise
  • ~ being hired permanently so i too can have benefits & paid holidays
  • ~ no parking tickets for at least 6 months
  • ~ my own parking space
  • ~ a clean car with a trunk and horn that work & a un-bugged alarm so i can lock both doors of the car without fear of being locked out/in
  • ~ cool weather, especially rain
  • ~ not feeling like a bore/freak (it varies) when talking with other libr. students
  • ~ get over feeling somewhat mannish just because i have short hair: what is this, the 1940s?
  • ~ a totally paid off credit card
  • ~ having lots of children some day
  • ~ swimming in a not-too-cold running river with big rocks to lay on
  • ~ kissing him & being kissed
  • ~ getting more than enough sleep for a whole week

but some good news: lunarpages increased my server space to 1 gb without me even asking (woOt!); for once i dressed warmly today and even brought in reinforcements (very strong a/c at work); i dyed my hair this weekend but no one at work has noticed, which is good news because i was dreading the fuss; and last but not least, alexa and internet archive started paying attention to this website last week, which although it doesn’t look like much right now, is still pretty exciting.