Princess Academy



by Shannon Hale

i loved this author’s first book, wasn’t as crazy about the sequel, and with this third book, i think i’ve finally figured out why. first off, i really enjoyed this book (though her goose girl remains my favorite – it’s very excellent) but there seemed to be passages that were just so very YA in the least engaging/smart/interesting ways and then just as i would be getting frustrated, there would come another passage that would read like magic or wisdom, or maybe something of the two. it’ll be interesting to see how this author progresses in her writing – will one side shrink as the other grows, or will there constantly be this mishmash, which i grew to really enjoy in its unpredictability?

anyhow, the story itself is a good one, with some nice twists, though somewhat predictable as in who ends up with whom. the villagers and their world is very believable and rich. the story also teaches a good story of tolerance and acceptance without being too preachy or simplistic.

an excellent weekend

first things first: i passed. officially, i’ll graduate on june 19th – though i don’t think i’ll attend the ceremony, i’m just not big on those – but really i’m allll done. i have class still, true, but the real pressure is off. regarding the actual portfolio presentation, i’ll go into detail at a later date as there’s still one aspect that has me seeing red. grr. but for now, i’m trying to just shake that bit off and enjoy the fact that i’m done. done!

Stronger Than Dirt: How One Urban Couple Grew a Business, a Family, and a New Way of Life from the Ground Up



by Kim Schaye

i’ve been on a bit of a kick recently, reading books about urban folks who turned to rural woods and farms, looking for “the good life” the nearings and others wrote about and lived. in this book, a new york couple buys a little bit of land in upper state new york and before they know it, they’re setting up booths at various farmer’s markets selling wildflowers.

a good book, not too badly written, compared to so many others in this ‘back-to-the-land’ field. i looked around online and it seems they still are around, selling at major farmer’s markets in new york city.

twiddling my thumbs

hi there ~ once again, in a bit of a limbo. mostly because my portfolio presentation and defense is this friday at 4 pm (think good thought for me!) – i plan on serving a lot of caffeine and, i’m thinking, some good pizza. anything to keep my panel awake, interested, and benevolent during this horrible timeslot. there’s not much i can really do at this point to prepare, except for a few cosmetic changes to my presentation. i’m mostly trying not to pace too much, to get as much sleep as possible, and turn the music on for a good half hour each day to just shake the willies out.