twiddling my thumbs

hi there ~ once again, in a bit of a limbo. mostly because my portfolio presentation and defense is this friday at 4 pm (think good thought for me!) – i plan on serving a lot of caffeine and, i’m thinking, some good pizza. anything to keep my panel awake, interested, and benevolent during this horrible timeslot. there’s not much i can really do at this point to prepare, except for a few cosmetic changes to my presentation. i’m mostly trying not to pace too much, to get as much sleep as possible, and turn the music on for a good half hour each day to just shake the willies out.

to friends

i’m in a sentimental mood tonight, a nice mellow one that’s all the more pleasant knowing i have zip plans for tomorrow, i.e. i can sleep in till noon if i wish. lovely. anyhow, the sentimentality comes from sweet old friends, friends i’ve broken bread with and laughed with and etc etc. i just plain sigh with happiness at the prospect of hanging out with any and all of them again. even lovelier!

croutons, or making salads friendly

hi there ~ still waiting on some yarn deliveries, plugging away on that shawl o’ mine, and generally keeping up with school and work. as part of the whole eat local challenge, i’ve been cooking and preparing my own meals a lot. at least when i’m not clearing out the pantry of all the instant and frozen meals i’ve squirreled away inadvertently for months now.