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i’ve been playing around with cms (content managment systems) and trying out a few different ones. but i think ultimately i couldn’t move this site over to a cms versus how i do it now, all by hand. for me, it’s all about control, i guess ;P. when i started learning html and all, it was through my free pop-up-ugly site at geocities. the very first page i put up i used geocities’ online editor called pagebuilder or something like that. and even then, knowing practically zip about even html, i knew it sucked and that it limited me, besides bloating up the code so much and looking horribly ugly. so! i’m not saying this site, and its code, is a thing of minimalist beauty, or any other type of beauty. but i like knowing i can tweak or entirely change a single page or the whole site really easily.

and, most importantly, if something goes wrong, i know it’s my fault and that makes it a lot easier to find and fix. with all that said, i did install an old version of textpattern (can’t wait till the new 1.x version comes out today!) this past weekend at and so far it’s fun but still confusing. i also want to give a tryout to wordpress and moveable type. btw, many people would not call any of these systems cms but rather ‘blogging tools’. i’ll write about that another day, when i understand better the distinctions.

my weekend was good but too fast as always. this morning i decided to just skip my first class for the quarter—i was just too dang tired. and there is a proper way to skip class and that is to not do it when: a) something is due or is being handed out, b) during the first two weeks of class, and c) during the last two weeks. and always, skipping class when the class size is smaller than the number of weeks the class lasts is a pretty bad idea cause you will be noticed as missing. this is the third-to-the-last week of school so it’s now or never for me. sigh.

pretty disturbing enviromental news out there (“Now the Pentagon tells Bush: climate change will destroy us”). i think i’m going to change the index page pretty soon so hurry up and check out this incredible preview to a new documentary called ‘the corporation’.

i have never understood why, at least in principal, i haven’t heard much argument for libraries to be open 24 hours a day. i think so many people cannot make the hours of 9-5 (though in today’s budget-slashing views of libraries, even those hours are no longer the norm). and, such as my local branch library, many smaller libraries are not open on sunday and/or have really limited hours all weekend. so, yay! for the university of hawaii! which beginning march 8, will be open for 24 hours on mondays, tuesdays and wednesdays. though realistically, many if not most libraries cannot, in this current political climate, be open all the time, that really should be part of the ultimate goal for accessibility.


p.s. found a handy handout entitled clutter reduction: how to make your web life easier

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