Cicadas And Monkeys


cicadas [1, 2]: click to see a cicada up-close

i’ve been running for five months now and the most surprising thing and positive thing is not getting in shape, feeling closer to my dad, feeling limber and light, completing a challenging goal - nope, though those are all true, it’s none of that. the most surprising and positive thing is feeling closer to nature. we are surrounded by nature here in our home with hills to the north and an ancient lake to the east and yet i didn’t really feel close to it, to know what its cycles look like, to know even a taste of the flora and fauna, until i started to run. i’ve seen spring come and go, i’ve seen summer come and now it goes. they were both glorious and a part of me grieves the end of summer. but i can’t wait to see fall and winter in all their glory, too.

happy september ~

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