I Coulda

at that stage where i think, ‘well, in another lifetime i would have been..’ and there is no real regret or sadness, just a realization that there is finite time and space and energy and i took the other road, etc etc. still, a list to contemplate from time to time to see if i can incorporate aspects of it into life:

in another life, i would have liked to be a:

  • midwife
  • linguist
  • geologist

librarianship was the right path for me, specifically archives and “informatics”, as ucla called it, and i still got to fall in love with working in a public library, too. but it’s nice to think about these other interests. today i am indulging in the geology interest, falling down a wikipedia rabbit-hole and enjoying it immensely. some excellent podcasts and talks in that vein: common descent especially their extinction episodes starting with episode 5, this long now episode with geologist marcia bjornerud (whose excellent book timefulness i’m currently into), and lisa randall’s dark matter and dinosaurs as an audiobook is super interesting too.

fall is quickly approaching and life is cracking with excitement and possibilites. i feel a bit guilty enjoying 2020 so much when so many view this as the Worst Year Ever (tm) but i am too happy to feel very guilty. this is a year of space and possiblity and real results for me and every day i am practically pinching myself to see if it’s real. granted, we are luck lucky lucky to be in japan and i am aware of that. here’s to making the absolute most of it. ~

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