second try

i started writing something and it was just coming out too heavy, too much. so i saved it, i don’t like erasing history, but enough of that. how are you? i’m doing o.k.

hello 2009

hi there. ;) i have so much to catch up on, but if i think that way, it’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed, so instead: it’s snowing! now that might not be news for a lot of you, but here in maryland, it’s the first real snow – and this stuff is happy big fat flakes, ones that come down in a gorgeous curtain of snow and might even stick around, i love it. just the right kind of weather for when you plan on staying inside most of the day, puttering around the kitchen, knitting, poking around online, planning a garden for the summer, drinking lots of hot tea and thinking, thinking, thinking. .. so, here’s a post a few little teasers of info, plus one big happy news. first, teasers: