second try

i started writing something and it was just coming out too heavy, too much. so i saved it, i don’t like erasing history, but enough of that. how are you? i’m doing o.k.

i haven’t been doing much on the craftsy front for a while now.. though come to think of it, last night i sewed on a ton of girl scout badges on a vest for my niece. but besides that, i haven’t been doing much craftsy stuff besides my garden and orchard work, which doesn’t quite fit into that category. i’ve been meaning to draw for a while, and then the wheel and needles call out to me at times too (especially since i got the maryland sheep and wool festival catalog, yay), but all in all, i’ve been too busy with my new library job (two months now!) and other projects and priorities.. and i don’t miss it half as much as i thought i would.

i mean, i wish i could do everything all the time, but i can’t. and as much as i love making things with my hands, i’ve found so many ways to do that beyond knitting.. it’s pretty great, now that i think of it. ! when i first started knitting, i didn’t really think of myself as creative or very capable with my hands, capable at making things, but since then, i’ve taken on a ton of little projects and curioisties, and i’ve learned that my hands can do anything almost. it just takes a little time and effort. and along with my hands, my head has gotten better at figuring things out, feeling confident that i can do almost anything as long as i take my time and give it some thought. even though sometimes, i’ve learned, barreling through will also work. just a little bit messier, that’s for sure. !

anyhow, besides that realization, my life has been a balancing act that so far, when i think about it outside of the righthererightnow moment, is pretty great and full.. there’s online projects, plans and dreams to get started on already, family to appreciate and be with while i’m around, outdoor work galore here at the family house, and then add in sleeping and eating and working (adjusting to that forty-hour workload) and so on. basically, like all of you, i’m busy! it’s easy to get caught in an exausted/cranky/whatever mode, and i think i was for a while, but besides the regular dips and lows that happen to everyone, things are looking way better than they did even a year ago. even six months ago. and that’s important to appreciate.

so, with that said, i’ll post some pictures later. i just wanted to write something, to remind myself and everyone else, i haven’t given up. i’m here, and i have plans and dreams that will come true. or that’s the goal, at least. !

happy thursday ~ ~ thanks for reading.

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