procrastination strikes once again—but at least i got good work done while not doing the work i really should be doing. i had a midterm due this past monday morning and as of one a.m. wednesday morning, i have yet to start it. but.. i did finally buy a ticket home for thanksgiving (yay!) and i’ve just converted this page from a table-laden one to a definitely smoother css one. for those of you who don’t know what i’m talking about, this page looks no different than it did four hours ago—that fact being a tad depressing but i don’t care! i know how big a difference this will be code-wise and overall web-wise. of course, there’s still kinks to smooth out, such as the cost of war counter above and also the mask images above. oh well! i really should start now- yuck. work has also been a bit hectic to say the least; the fund drive is in 5 count ‘em 8 days! and there is still so much that needs doing. all in all, this week has been painful, as predicted. but good music, sweet cuddlings, and the satisfaction of work well done (aside from that midterm) have made it much better. bye!