busy busy

hello there~

today was our fund drive day at work. i finally finally got my is 260 paper in, although over a week late. argh. now i have to work on another paper for is 200, the draft’s due friday night at the latest. with all the work i’ve done on it this whole quarter, i already have some of it written, and i feel good about the thesis statement, but still…!

happily, i go home to maryland in just six days. yay! oh, and i finally got a chance to do some work as webmaster for the saa at ucla. the code on it was a mess so for now all i’ve done is some cleaning up and basic updating.

my apartment is slowing turning into one giant dust bunny and my fridge is kaput (though the freezer part is just cold enough to work as a fridge. :Z so much to do!

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