1) dadadadadada-duhhmmmmm… SCHOOL’S OUT! FOR! SUMMER! SCHOOL’S OUT! FOR! EVAHH! ok, well, not for ever but for a while. and that is good good news.

just words

such a tease. i promised pictures, especially ones of orangina, but still nothing nada zip. school ends wednesday, my computer is still at the computer hospital, and i’ve become a reading freak again. ah yes, reading – what i used to do with all my free time until knitting and the internetS came around. and this shift back to reading got me thinking last night.. really, i always knew i was being shaped by all that reading, by all the computer learning and internet browsing, but i never really though about what effect knitting was having on me. granted, i could make beautiful things, and i could spend my time happily knitting for hours without even realizing it. but there have been some serious and mostly great effects. in no particular order: