1) dadadadadada-duhhmmmmm… SCHOOL’S OUT! FOR! SUMMER! SCHOOL’S OUT! FOR! EVAHH! ok, well, not for ever but for a while. and that is good good news.

2) i found some PHILDAR yarn at a local yarn store – and even though they only have two lines – phil eponge and phil .. oh, something else, i’m forgettting now, – i’m going back and getting a ton. i got five beautiful eponge balls for now in a gorgeous lilac. i can’t remember off hand which patterns called for it but i remember seeing eponge in almost all the patterns i liked. hip hip hooray!

3) scored some rowan’s all seasons cotton half-off. can i have a ‘sweeeeet’?! definitely going to be seeing some pretty baby clothing in gorgeous cotton.

4) i finally sent off my thank you gifts to all those who helped me out the other day – and my stash has been properly destashed now! hence all the re-stashing. ;)

5) it’s the weekend. despite all kinds of other crap-o-la, i’m happy about that. very happy.

6) online funny things are keeping me amused on a busy friday, like this, a clip of a newswoman farting on air, and this, the great threadbared site, particularly this one and the pattern erotica one. all so great, the perfect pick-me-ups. ;)

and winnie tagged me for a book meme – here it is.. it was fun filling it out, makes a bookworm’s heart beat a little faster.

~ Total number of books I own?
uuffff, happily too too many. i have maybe three hundred or so at my parent’s home in maryland. then here in l.a. i have probably another three hundred. i’m book crazy, yes.

~ The last book I bought?
same as winnine, teva durham’s loop-d-loop. i don’t usually buy books, not recently at least, but i use the l.a. library system like no one – just got a haul today, including yann martel’s the life of pi, black thorn, white rose, an anthology of fairy tale adaptations edited by the excellent ellen datlow and terri windling, and trouble and her friends by melissa scott, a sci fi book that mainly appealed to me because the protagonist’s name is the same as my lovely cat, trouble.

~ The last book I read?
north by donna jo napoli. so good i was pacing at the end, and i kept stopping and laughing at the happiness and enthusiasm i was feeling all over just because the book was that good and fun to read. it must have been such a kick to write – i so want donna jo napoli’s job some day.

~ 5 books that mean a lot to me?
horrible question, the type that can only cause one to flail hands in exasperation and frustration. so.. here’s five that just ocurred to me for no clear reason:

  • ~ alice hoffman’s the probable future – realized i love magical realism so
  • ~ robin mckinley’s blue sword -really, anything by her
  • ~ the princess and the goblin – i love old children’s classics
  • ~ the dragonwings trilogy by anne mccaffrey – started my love of scifi & fantasy
  • ~ chistopher alexander’s the tripod trilogy – started my love of dystopias. really.

~ Tag 5 people:
if you want to do this, please consider yourself tagged. i know memes can sometimes get annoying, but this one i think is never annoying – i love reading other people’s reading lists. update: lalitha! maybe sandy? anyone else? ;)

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