The Folk Keeper



by Franny Billingsley

the cover illustration for this book is very deceptive, it doesn’t even begin to match the beauty and sophistication of the story within (though that’s not to say i don’t like the illustration. having read the book, i can now appreciate the hazy beauty of it, almost like modern animation..)

so, i liked the cover, that’s partially why i chose the book (yeah, i’m like that), but the story just kept surprising me and surprising me with its twists, turns and depth.

i loved this book!

[link to author’s website]


hi there, i’ve been so busy at work getting ready for our annual fund drive that my fingers are starting to get cold again, not a fun sign.

just back

hi there! just got back from the california library association’s annual conference up in san jose. i had such a great time, even though i only went to one workshop and two lectures/speeches. i’d never been to san jose before and i think my legs shrunk a little from all that driving and sitting in my little car, but it was well worth it.


so while i’m still thinking about major changes here in this old here site, i’m nowhere near ready to make any concrete plans much less implement them. something called school (and work, sigh) are in the way.

top of the wishlist: make bushieboy go away

first of all, that whole bush thing? i was in shock yesterday and was surprised that i felt pretty depressed all day. i had bad dreams and woke up hoping ohio’s numbers had miraculously changed overnight. later, a friend told me that these election results mean people have to become activists. i agree. but where to start, what’s effective, and how do i prevent the whole burn-out thing? ..
(update: depressed over seeing all those red states on the map? check out this purple haze. here too.)