annual shmamual

hello. so today is the big thank-god-it’s-once-a-year fund drive at work ~ that’s why it’s 7 am and i’m up. most people arrived at work this morning at 5:30. me? i’m sleeping in and not getting there till 8:30. and then we’ll all be there probably till 7 tonight when the thirteen hour marathon ends. (it actually is called a marathon. huh, never thought i’d participate in a marathon.) my job has been the website so please check out my hard work, it’ll make me very happy:

The Folk Keeper



by Franny Billingsley

the cover illustration for this book is very deceptive, it doesn’t even begin to match the beauty and sophistication of the story within (though that’s not to say i don’t like the illustration. having read the book, i can now appreciate the hazy beauty of it, almost like modern animation..)

so, i liked the cover, that’s partially why i chose the book (yeah, i’m like that), but the story just kept surprising me and surprising me with its twists, turns and depth.

i loved this book!

[link to author’s website]