hi there ~ although i can’t get behind the idea of thanksiving (too much genocide for me, folks) that doesn’t mean i can’t enjoy my day off. and boy did i!

so, a little background: this was my first thanksgiving in all my 27 years that would be spent away from my family and although i missed my great and beautiful family, i’m thinking i’m not so crazy about this holiday anyhow and i really enjoyed my day rather than stressing about airplane flights and cat sitting and missing work and, no offense family, worrying about family tensions and dynamics, etc etc.

how was my day spent? first off, i slept around 15 hours or so, a good chunk of that during the day after a delicious brunch of chilaquiles, which happily tasted better than they looked. then i read a good book and finished the first sleeve for my oh-so-anticipated sweater – only an arm to go and then it’s seaming time. i can’t wait! although, as it is 100% cotton, i’m getting a bit worried that i’ll love the size when finished but when i wash it, it’ll be too small. so…. i guess i’ll just never wash it. simple. right?

i’m still sick, which really sucks. i remember in college, people were always getting sick as soon as they turned in their last paper or took their last exam. weird. it’s like their bodies were all ‘ok, done with your mental responsibilities? great! our turn!’ or else ‘neglect us for weeks and weeks on end, eating nothing but poptarts and bad tuna sandwiches from the cafeteria? hahah, revenge is so sweet’. (yes, a tad bit delusional right now ~ i blame my cold.) so, back in school, back in cold-mode, i guess.

..after napping i internetted for a while (hey if george bush can pluralize ‘internet’, can’t i make it a verb?) and lazed around. then my friend, at whose house i was, exclaimed something to the effect of ‘holy cow, it’s 8:30 and we haven’t even started cooking!’ yes, earlier in the day, we went shopping and got not only chilaquiles-making food but also ingredients for that delicious mushroom & gruyere quiche from the moosewood cookbook as well as, on a whim, a prepackaged tofurky dinner. we cooked like the wind and by 11 pm had dinner on the table (right now, somewhere, my little sisters are gasping as the outrageously unhealthiness of eating so very late. sorry, chicas ;)

i’d never tried tofurky before, but have been curious about it for years now. verdict? it was delicious. as you can see, the meal was a success, topping off a very nice day indeed: mashed potatoes, quiche, delicious sweet and somewhat savory dumplings, baked veggies, stuffed tofurkey roast, gravy, two types of cheese as side fun, and good wine. the whole day was great .. i laughed a lot and enjoyed myself for hours and hours. so relaxing! and that is what holidays should be all about.

p.s. don’t forget: it’s buy nothing day! black friday: phooey to you, i say.

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