straw homes


feeling pretty good right now even though i’ve been basically overwhelmed & underslept recently. i really need to find some balance in my life- starting with my living situation. seems like i’ve been unstable living-wise for years & years now. but…. i love the things i study & am learning & am thinking about when i have time- there’s too much to do & see & i want to learn it all! i’ve become a firm believer in lists, too! priority lists, favorite lists, wish lists, problem lists, long-term lists, calenders (which are basically lists), etc etc. recent favorites: prioritized projects that need some $$ (only to be started once i have 1)fixed my car, 2)saved up ‘emergency rent money fund’) & places/things i want to go to in the next ten months. here’s one for the last lovely list: the Build Here Now Conference{.norm}

bye, andrea

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