screaming by


first of july and the year is just screaming by (i’m a poet didn’t know it my feet showed it they’re longfellows). i’m getting pretty sick of this whole full time job thing and am a little worried about the fall with ucla and a full time job but i know it will be great. am missing my family a lot—thank goodness i have vacya and my sweet kittens here in la-la-land to remind me i am loved alot here too. found out i was categorized as a nonresident for ucla{.norm} which means more money so argh i gotta fight that and i have yet to get dsl (a month after ordering it argh) and my car has yet to be alarmed. i just re-read anne mccaffrey’s decision at doona and loved it and am now reading neil gaiman’s stardust which is good, though i don’t like his sandman stuff that much. i’m in bad with the la public library{.norm} and if i could just buy a bike then i could drop off my books real easy like. a beachcruiser with a basket in the front. i need to get a computer too, for the fall, and i’ve decided on a notebook but what kind i’m not sure.

bye, andrea

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