happy friday!

happy friday ~ wow, this month has really flown by, i feel like i’m always saying happy friday recently.

i’m going knitting crazy ~ my soon-to-be-felted bag is halfway done, with the bottom, sides and strap done. all i have to do is make the tabs (that hold the strap to the bag), bind off (three-needle bind offf, very scary) and then felt that baby. cross your fingers for me, this is a quite step up from a beginner’s scarf.

so, it’s that time of the year for magazine renewals. i subscribe to a small but varied group of mags, including: midwifery today, countryside magazine and stay free! i’ve been carrying around with me forever and a day subscription cards for earth first!, permaculture activist, bitch (used to subscribe but then they annoyed me but now i feel a little left out), and off our backs (oldest feminist rag in the u.s.). recently, i’ve wanted to add interweave’s knits magazine and maybe their fiber arts or spin off magazines, too. oh! so much money, it hurts. it really does. ..but i do so love getting mail ~ i feel so adult and at the same time like it’s christmas or my birthday or something. even though i paid for it. i know, kinda weird. (i also love this rowan book/journal issues, so i might splurge for it too..)

with this beautfiul so cal weather, i’ve been reading a bit recently about permaculture and gardening and all kinds of nice things like that. i’ve been interested for a while now in receiving home deliveries of organic produce but found it just too expensive ~ till lovedelivery showed up. the writing on the web page reminds me of dr. bronner’s soap (“all-4-one! all-4-god! pure pure!” etc. kinda freaky but mostly funny to read, especially while showering with his great peppermint soap ~ don’t know what i’m talking about?) but the prices can’t be beat and another blog recommends it. so, i’m tempted. also, the path project was recently featured in the la times with a “it’s kind of easy being green” article. (by the way, if the la times prompts you for password and all that annoying stuff, go here, to bugmenot for a password you can use. i love bugmenot.)

recently i’ve been a little preoccupied with weight. my weight. and i’ve never really been before, although supposedly i was kinda chubby as a kid (i just loved butter. still do. my dad would watch me slather away at my toast and groan and shake his head in pain), at least around the ages 9ish to 11ish or so. and then again when i came back from palermo (i was an exchange student to sicily in 1994, my junior year in high school. 10 years ago! sigh) i was getting “woahs” left and right, supposedly (i was too sad missing my first boyfriend, who was in italy. and that’s how i lost the weight too ~ i just was too sad to eat much at all.) so anyways, back to the present.. i felt all vain to be worrying about weight ~ i mean i’m pretty small and basically still wear the same sizes since high school.. but recently there’s no doubt in my mind, my “womanly hips” (as my sisters call them) came in and wow! i just can’t fit in to so many of my old jeans. deinitely more than a tad depressing. but i inadvertently found a scale yesterday, weighed myself, and i weigh exactly the same pre-womanly-hips. so, now i feel silly.

~ andrea

p.s. just found out lapl is slowly but surely adding wireless capabilities to its’ branches (over 60) with, so far, n. hollywood, sherman oaks, los feliz and central already done. yay! gotta test it out soon.

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