new laptop!


got my new laptop today- yay! it’s an apple and so i was little wary at first since i’ve been using pcs since my mac se ten years ago… but it’s fabulous and the ipod-thing is just too good to be true.

work is going good- i’m going down to 30 hours starting monday but with a significant raise at the same time so i shouldn’t be losing any money, just working less hours (maybe even making more money)!

today was the first day of grad school—of course i had to be late to class, only by 3 or 4 minutes, but class was fully underway when i walked in. oh and packed! i think the room capacity is about 45 people and that’s how many are in the class. also the format was a bit of a shock- though i understand in the future it won’t be 3 1/2 hours of solid lecture. ay! however, the prof seems interested and serious in us really learning, so that’s cool.

i feel a little overwhelmed right now – school, work, new gadgets, and of course there’s always more. there’s still my car alarm that needs fixing, i need a bed asap, i need to cull my clothing collection, need to put up bookshelves, oh and more more. … i’m really excited about school but just feeling like i need time and space to think and adjust. my last semester at bryn mawr was hellish, except for dancing & pubbing with katie!, and i’m a tad worried that that whole ‘time management’-thing won’t work this time either. but! i think i can do this. i just need no major drama and long-term thinking.

i’ve been feeling pretty nostalgic recently- missing everyone, especially family. the holidays are coming up but it’s hard to go home with work in the way. .. i need to eat more fruit. i need to do some exercising. i need to do a lot of reading..!

october 21st i’m going to see lawrence lessig debate at usc with a former riaa executive. should be cool. and hopefully with such an excellent computer and connection (dsl! yay) this page should be moving along much much faster..

bye, andrea

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