it’s raining! not just a drizzle but a real downpour. i love it.. i’ve been looking forward to this weekend for so long, not because of anything special just cause it’s the weekend. argh, i’m so tired of school and work and traffic. i support the mta strike and the supermarket strikes but the mta one is really making the traffic even more of a headache. this weekend there are two very cool things going on: at ucla, the maquiladora murders conference, on the women of juarez; and on sunday, the southern california handweavers’ guild is having their annual weaving & spinning festival{.norm}! very cool. oh! also very cool, i’m the new technology officer for the society of american archivists’{.norm} student chapter at ucla{.norm}—basically that means i’m the new webmaster. yay! tonight has been a great halloween night with two sweet cats, one sweet boy, and a comfy clean warm apartment with great music and good food. this coming month is going to be really crazy but so far i’m on top of things except for sleep.

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