these last two weeks have been really nice for me — a lot of work but worth it. school starts for me on monday and i’ve already started some of my readings though i know i’m at least partially doing that to allay any future guilty feelings when i inevitably don’t even attempt to do the readings.

i finished reading a good book last night and proudly added it to my booklist. i’m so excited about this booklist-thing that i couldn’t bring myself to read anything, cause i was too afraid to write a review, i just wanted it to be really good. oh well- i don’t think it is, but i don’t care, now, thank goodness ;D oh and i’ve been working on a future reading list that sooner or later i will (seamlessly :D) incorporate into my booklist.

i realized with a shock that the american libraries assoc is having it’s midwinter conference in san diego this weekend – i won a free exhibit pass to it a while back and i was planning on going to it, but dang! there goes my weekend! but right now, 3 pm on saturday, i don’t think i’ll be going today, at least. tomorrow there’s a progressive librarian’s guild meeting which i would really love to go to but man! san diego?! i know that’s not that far, but i literally hoard my private free time and this weekend is all mine… so we’ll see about tomorrow .. :P

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