hi ~

a sweet saturday morning.. mami called this morning with rileigh on the phone too saying “viva, viva, can i wear your shirt?”, vacya taking pictures of me and the cat and the curtains, sad talk about monkeys and insane scientists, hungry belly, great plans for tonight (we’re going to rent a cheech & chong and i also want to get lily tomlin’s the incredible shrinking woman and then order some pizza), and tomorrow we’re going to the farmer’s market in hollywood and then drive around and take photos of our favorite graffitti.

classes so far are great. i’ve have not doing much of the readings but the class lectures themselves are really good and i feel like i understand what’s going, despite not being on top of the assignments. my first paper is due in two weeks so things so far are not too hectic. which is great.

i’ve put up a gallery of photos and i’m real excited about friends and family putting up photos there too. for now, i have a bunch of pictures of my apartment and my cats, and a few of me too.


p.s. very exciting news for old nintendo fanatics like myself: there are these cool programs called emulators, like this one for macs, that lets you play vido games on your computer! once you have downloaded the emulator, you have to get the individual games. i’m not sure about the legality, but from a search engine typing “nintendo and roms” (roms is what the games are called on the web) you can find all kinds of stuff. i got super mario bros 1-3, zelda, metroid, & more. needless to say i’ve been playing a lot of games recently and feeling like a twelve year old all over again..

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