hi ~ just a list of stuff that i’ve been involved in/interested in lately:


  • i’ve put up a gallery of photos. any friends of family that register can put photos up too. this was created using a very cool open-source web application found here
  • scary but interesting pics called ‘agemaps’ here [from boingboing]

  • also from boingboing, an amazing picture from a woman’s online journal of when she was in iraq, though for some reason i can’t access the actual blog, just one photo

  • very exciting news for old nintendo fanatics like myself: there are these applications called emulators, like this one for macs, that lets you play vido games on your computer! once you have downloaded the emulator, you have to get the individual games. i’m not sure about the legality, but from a search engine typing “nintendo and roms” (roms is what the games are called on the web) you can find all kinds of stuff. i got super mario bros 1-3, zelda, metroid, & more.
  • if you’re playing zelda, remember these? [from]

  • also from kottke, a great link to what some school kids in britain think about rock n’ roll. i really laughed at seeing fifth-graders’ drawings representing radiohead..

  • i haven’t heard other people talking about it, but i love the show manor house on pbs. so fun to watch! it’s a british reality show, but set in 1911. like upstairs, downstairs, or gosford park, there’s all this interesting class tensions and just entirely different lives being led in the same house. and all this tension and different lives being led is done by people who in reality, outside of this show, all come from similar background but for the sake of this show, for nine months, one is a lady and the other a scullery maid, one a lord and one a cook, etc etc.
  • researching for my archives class: and tiwanaku: an interactive dig</ul>

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