sunday morning


last night i gave myself bangs. haven’t had bangs since like 9th grade (though i had really short hair a few years ago, that doesn’t count as bangs if it’s short/bang-length everywhere). as predicted, last night i went to sleep happy thinking i was oh-so-eighties and that i had finally could relax and just have fun with my hair. and then this morning, reality hit. what have i done! no, i like the bangs, they’re fun, i do like them. but for those of who know me (mi familia!), i have uncontrollably BIG hair. and that shows up even in bangs. argh! and now i remember, that i had a few cowlicks (thank you poppy!) that couldn’t stick up/out earlier since the weight of my hair kept it down.. not so anymore!

oustide of such vanity issues, i am getting involved in another group at school, called “activist librarian & educators”. i’m re-doing and updating their website. (see what it looks like so far for now. and ta-da! my first paper is due on monday, yuck! i knew this quarter was going by wayyy too smoothly.

good luck luci & claudi this weekend! my superstar little sisters are running in blackburg, virginia for the virginia tech challenge as seniors on the nc state track team. go chicas!

never even considered becoming a librarian? well, give it a second glance, you’ll see that love and happiness comes with a library job..

from ‘Jinny Williams: Library Assistant’ (1962): “He just doesn’t understand, she thought sadly. He can’t grasp how I feel about books and the library, and the hush and marvel of it…everything in the world you want to know, right there between covers! All the wonderful thoughts and beautiful deeds. The old books with their dark covers and thin paper, and the new ones with their bright dust jackets. The people who simply must read all the new books, and the determined old people… who are catching up and reading all the classics they promised themselves they’d read someday, when they found the time. Why can’t I make him see? Why does he see things only in terms of practicality?”


p.s. a little movie from this morning..

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