weekend recap


thank goodness for the holidays. tomorrow i would normally have seven hours of class (yikes) but instead i will relax..and spend all day writing my first paper of the quarater. it’s a biggie though and i have yet to start. argh.

i had a beautiful valentine’s day yesterday. usually, actually always, i don’t celebrate valentines. and i didn’t think that this year would be any different. but it just was a really great day. very emotional, i was uppppp and dowwwwnnn. i don’t know why, just real weepy. vacya and i went out to eat (a last-minute plan) and then got out some movies from our favorite video place, vidiots, and we ended up watching one of them when we got back. it was fidel, a documentary that came out last year by estela bravo, and it was so good! fidel looked a lot like an old boyfriend of mine (milian. does anyone else see that? it was vacya that pointed it out to me.) which weirded me out a bit, but by the end i just thought fidel seemed liked such a nice guy. and really unusual in that he is still alive.

i had a delicious borscht fest with caroline and maria on friday night and that was really fun. i made the borscht the night before, which relieved a ton of the normal last-minute jitters/clean-up that i usually have. as it was i was glad to have dim lighting (thanks to the christmas lights i will never take down) to mask all the dust bunnies. i love hanging out with maria and caroline..

this morning i played around with my digital camera a bit. it can also take short little quicktime movies so i shot one of trouble, and later mama cat, sitting in the sunlight in front of the window. click here to see it.

oh and that picture in the top right corner is me with bangs! in case you didn’t read already (see here), i banged myself on the 8th and i’m reallllly happy about it.

well, off to watch the second movie we got out (canadian bacon by michael moore. it was the last film john candy was in before he died. it looks great. update: funny but not really good. but funny!)

found a weird game but really fun called opinyama. and, last but not least, the dork that i am found really cool (though definitely old) image maps from satellites that allow you to zoom in and find where you live, like these. cool.


p.s. check out vacya’s essay on dissidentvoice.org!

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