raining in l.a.


oh i love rain! it’s raining so prettily. i need to remember to bring my camera to work cause i’ve got such a crazy view from where i sit- the 101 freeway just zips by in the very-near distance, and ventura blvd and the gas station right across the street just add more concrete to the view. definitely not the most beautiful nature kind of view.

i just put up on the index page a preview for an upcoming documentary, the corporation. i don’t like having proprietary stuff (i.e. quicktime) on this site but it’s hard to find open-source movie-viewing programs. or am i wrong? if you have a dial-up connection or don’t have quicktime, then ok. but if neither of those two apply to you, then please check out the preview to this really incredible documentary.

yesterday morning, i finished (just barely) my big paper for my analytical bibliography class after a sad long all-nighter. i wrote about this incredible book from 1493 called the nuremberg chronicle- and wow, this book is just gorgeous! with over 1,900 woodcut prints, it was the most illustrated book for a long time—and don’t forget gutenberg had only perfected his whole moveable type process thirty years before this book’s printing. anyhow, the paper itself was eeek but the topic too cool.

my poor fridge has a major problem and the way only was to fix it (temporarily) is to de-frost it every two weeks for a few days. argh! vacya figured out if we keep the fridge and freezer doors open with the heater turned on full blast right next to it, then 48 hours seems to do the trick fine. ..in the meanwhile, i’m a ramen and pb&j type of girl.

i’m working on making the ale website a little interactive/more fun by adding skin options. the idea of skins for a website always seemed weird to me and even scary but that just means changing the colors on the site, of the fonts, background, everything. so, looking around, i found a whole lot of cool color-helping tools, like this, this, this, this, and last but not least, this.

i have that “everybody’s working for the weekend” song in my head.


p.s. it is wayyy too late but i just found this great great site opensourcecms.com where you can test out different cms (content management systems) like mambo, wordpress, oscommerce, and more

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