so tired


tomorrow i’m going to a computer-geek meeting so early for a saturday morning but it should be fun anyhow, all about php. and then vacya and i are going to get out some movies, including/at least american splendor. also, since my vaccuum died out on me (it hadn’t been working ok since i lived on scott ave…. sigh), i think i’ll buy a little hand-held one for the nooks and crannies in my floorboards. thanks goodness no carpets!

today was a good day. but i’m so tired! it’s been a really nice night, just watching some tv and laughing with vacya. and then i finished reading this good book while vacya played this great list of music from our itunes/acquisition stash. so nice!

the other day i put up on the index page a preview for an upcoming documentary, the corporation. i don’t like having proprietary stuff (i.e. quicktime) on this site but it’s hard to find open-source movie-viewing programs. or am i wrong? if you have a dial-up connection or don’t have quicktime, then ok. but if neither of those two apply to you, then please check out
this incredible preview to a new documentary called ‘the corporation’.

last night i was trying to find an old picture book that vacya loved when he was little. after a good 30 minutes of frustrated trying, i decided to give the los angeles public library’s ‘ask a librarian’ thing a chance. wow! i was so impressed! and at the same time really stoked and proud to be joining this cool profession. although i got cut off from the librarian before she could find it for me (due to my opening other tabs in my browser, i think, while i was waiting for her to find it), it was so cool to watch as she took over my browser and made it go to different sties and search for different items. really cool and highly recommended.

one thing she showed me that i kinda already knew about was the site, which is a librarian-recommended directory of good research tools. she took me to this one site called the international children’s digital library. not only do they have books from all around the world (though only a few in number..) but the books are totally scanned in and are, for the most apart, visually beautiful. the picture on this page is from the fairy tale “east o’ the sun, west o’ the moon”.

oh i love the weekend!


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