knock on wood


my site was down all day yesterday and much of saturday too. i am mighty pissed off at my hosting company especially as i have gotten no word whatsoever from them, despite repeated tickets/enquiries. argh.

i had a test this morning that, knock on wood, went well, i think. i am now in the computer lab at school missing my afternoon class so that i can finish my afternoon class’s paper. i have three more hours to finish it and so far i’m pretty happy with it. more details on the paper (don’t groan, i swear it’s interesting, super interesting!) later.

mecurial-mood girl that i am, my weekend was still good. i need to learn to recognize that when it’s happening, not after the fact. acutally, i’m pretty good about that but something about papers and tests just puts me in an escapist mood and then i just can’t see the forest for the trees. (i always love that phrase..)

i’ll write more later and sorry for not writing (back) some people recently (i.e. sandra, nicole, mirko, caroline, and maria)—but i have a good excuse: my email was down all weekend! dang hosting compnay-people… mumblemumble, blah blah blah.

bye, andrea!

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