gracias a toda la familia camacho que me han mandado tanto amor por telefono y email ~ me encanto!

i’m happy now but i’d call this morning a case of post-birthday-sadness. i’m grateful that it’s friday! this weekend is already filled up tho’, with a ‘to do’ list that makes me groan whenever i see it. furthermore, tomorrow i have to spend probably all day getting my brakes fixed but the poor car has been squeaking and squealing in protest for weeks now. dagnammit, there goes my saturday! [update: slept in till noon, the breaks will just have to wait, yippee! :D] the l.a. marathon is sunday so i plan to stay inside at all times unless i must go out and then i will go by foot and no way jose by car.

more tinkering around with my site and looking at others, especially sites that comply with web standards like css and xhtml, leads me to all kinds of great places and tools, like whitespace and style master.

i’m trying to figure out what classes to take next quarter at library school and it’s driving me nuts how there are just too many good classes and of course they’re all during normal 9-to-5 working hours. sux!

a great site for political news on bolivia is narco news. though they’ve covered the presidential elections, the water and gasline demonstrations, etc, recently they’ve been focusing on one man who the bolivian gov’t is calling a terrorist and who’s been in jail in el alto (the second biggest city in bolivia) for the past eleven months. with no formal charges against this man, who is a colombian teacher and veteran activist, it seems clear the gov’t is in the wrong.

i’m thinking about starting this detoxing thing just to see if i too can end up jumping out of bed at seven am with unending energy, like others. also, i just like the idea of following a weeklong menu and not having to think about what to cook for dinner. so, we’ll see. maybe this monday i’ll start.

while looking around trying to find good links for my new index page, i found
this incredible short movie clip about the phillip morris corporation put out by adbusters. check it out, it’s incredible, outrageous and will disgust and anger you.

~ andrea

p.s. great link: typographi.ca. and, yet another book to add to my want-to-read list..last but not least, a job title generator for librarians and info. professionals (sigh)

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