i am so glad it’s friday. it totally snuck up on me and i still haven’t really grasped the fact that tomorrow i can do whatever i want to do, and the same holds for the day after tomorrow.

i knew i liked that george michael, he’s so cool. i’m a slightly abashed (is that a word?) wham fan and in celebration of his retirement decision, i sang along to some songs of his this morning in my car on the way to school. i hope more and more singers go this route, agreeing with him that, they “really don’t need the public’s money” and that they’ll just provide it for free for people to donwload. and his hope that people downloading will give money to charity is without a doubt great, too.

this just reminds me of a question i think about now and then: how much money is enough? bill gates has more than $40 billion dollars. in the world, there are over 400 people who have a billion dollars or more. that’s just absurd. but when i try and think about numbers, think well, would i be ok with $10,000? $100,000? $1 million? it’s gets harder to think straight and figure it out. i remember when i was in kindergarten and we had to say what three wishes we would ask for from a leperchaun and one of mine was for 1000000000000 dollars. i didn’t put commas or anything, i just knew a lot of zeros was the important part.

enough about dirty moolah. one of my fav blogs/sites, linked to this great resource called the world wide school library. similar to project gutenberg (in fact, i think they’re somehow connected), this site puts online the complete texts of all sorts of books, pamphlets, etc. that either have now passed into the public domain or that they have the license to publish online. all in all they have a great selection, especially when it comes to children’s book, fiction in general, and ‘social commentary’..

some great examples: (please note the all-female-ness of it and the progression.. !)



i got out some great movies with vacya tonight so i’m off to watch them and chomp away on some good gummi candy. the fridge is going through it’s bi-monthly de-frosting so we’re going out to dinner the next few nights. yay!

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