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one more week till the winter quarter ends for ucla. argh. it really feels so drawn out and i am ready for spring break right. now. please. (sigh) i feel like i’ve run into so much great links, stories, and info lately.. here’s some:

first of all, though mentioned before, check out this incredible adbusters’ short movie called ‘corporate crackdown’.

researching bolivia and its coca culture for an upcoming archives project, i found some great links: cajpe, andean information network, bolivia indymedia, and tni. also, check out the u.s. embassy in bolivia’s cheapy ugly website at <a href=””></a>.

stumbled across the library of congress’ minerva project/site. ‘minerva’ stands for ‘mapping the internet electronic resources virtual archive’. “the MINERVA web preservation project was established to initiate a broad program to collect and preserve [digitally born] primary source materials.” so far, it only has a few collection available to look at, notably their september 11 collection. (not that there’s much information on their site but looks like a great site/idea/future job..)

although a scary and undoubtably messed up group, the global business network seems to cover lots of different subjects. among their many reports: ‘abrupt climate change’, a report requested by the pentagon wondering what the collapse of the climate due to global warming could mean to them and the world. (it’s not a pretty picture, as you can imagine, though pretty extreme sounding.) as for the rest of the reports, i can’t see them without logging in and, as the site states, “membership is available to organizations for $40,000 per year” and is not yet available for individuals. yikes/scary.

from one library site, i got this great link to concealed garments, a site dedicated to clothing deliberately concealed (that is, buried) in buidlings, for good luck, superstition, or who knows. it’s kinda scary to look at all the pictures, makes a shiver just run down my back. but still pretty interesting.

since the civil war, there has been only one execution of a u.s. soldier for desertion during wartime. eddie slovik, a 24 year old soldier serving in france during world war 2, was killed by a firing squad during the last months of the war, on january 31, 1945. eisenhower personally ordered the execution and slovik was buried in a cemetary for disgraced u.s. soldiers who had been caught raping and/or murdering. (there’s a movie, starring martin sheen, about him, called ‘the execution of private slovik’ that i want to see.)

camilo mejia, seeking an honorable discharge as a conscientious objector, says, “the justification for this war is money and no soldier should go to iraq and give his life for oil.”


p.s. i just did a complete revamping of my bolivia index page and am now working on getting the other pages in that section to look equally nice!..

disgusting: from feminste, virgin airway’s clubhouse at jfk airport in nyc has men’s urinals shaped like women’s lips. if there was ever a doubt, sexism is alive and well, thank you very much.

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