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procrastination is such an ugly word. i prefer ‘multi-tasking’ even though some tasks are taking up so much time that the other tasks, say final projects due tomorrow at 5 pm, just can’t be dealt with right now.

from feministe, a link to an article at znet entitle Depraved Indifference: Caesareans, Patriarchy, and Women’s Health. hopefully i’ll read it soon.

i tried to detox this past week, but once i realized on thusday that i had a post-quarter ‘wine and cheese’ shindig to go to on saturday (yesterday) i caved in and bought three large domino pizzas. what’s the antonym of detox? ay.

preparing for next quarter (what a good little student i am! or a procrastinating bad one, depending how you look at it.), i got a bunch of books in the mail the other day, all of them exciting and dreadful at the same time (since i will be required to actually read them, not just look and sigh with excitement.): spinning the semantic web from the mit press, networked applications by david messerschmitt, and how buildings learn by stewart brand (of whole earth catalog fame).

in case anyone doesn’t know yet, is a great site that will check for any book (by title, author, isbn, you name it) and compare the price of it, including shipping, from eight different major book sources, including the hated amazon, as well as powells, alibris, and others. the site states that it “is a proof of concept of several ideas about information management, organization, and linkage.” all in all, excellent and free.

perhaps a tad too sensitive for any male readers, but i gotta link anyhow: lunapads and urban armor (i know, i know, i should just make my own). i like the keeper but somedays it’s just wayy too intrusive.

last but not least, this food index provided basic good info, such as storage, nutrition info, and basic preparations, on all types of vegetables, fruit, grains, etc. very handy.


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