one project to go


i’m feeling a bit wiped out after this second-to-last project but i had to proudly present it here for any to look at (and please tell me if it doesn’t look right in your browser): coca in bolivia.

also, thanks to my great brother-in-law john, i have a few very sweet pictures of my nephew nickolas up in gallery, so take a look. i’ll be sure to put more family photos up soon. hey, and if anyone would rather i didn’t make these accessible to the public, then tell me and i’ll move ‘em quick as can be, ok?

i still have one more project to go, but thank goodness i don’t think it’ll be quite so hard as a)i’m less ambitious this time around, and b) the project is fairly structured, especially when compared with the archives one..

why in the world did i actually try my first push-ups ever last night? i’m already feeling pretty woo-woo woo-woo from sleep deprivation. and now, on top of that, my arms and the usually very squishy bit between by arms and armpit hurt and ache, ay!

i love bookmobiles, although i don’t think i’ve even been in one. (i vaguely remember something about a small walkable vehicle during a bible camp i went to when i was like 7 or 8. .. hm.) anyway, though the internet archive may have some problems as a serious archives, they sure do have an admirable amount of energy, optimism, and creativity. check out their very cool internet bookmobile! check out the photos, including glimpses of the nice portable book binder they have.

~ andrea

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