hi ~

running out the door to go see good bye lenin! since i bought a pack of movie passes months ago and they’re due to expire in three days.. vacya says it is condoleezza rice’s favorite movie. also, he calls me a bushie for thinking the movie looks good. with no school or work today, it’s matinee time, yay!

we did go hiking on saturday – for five hours! which was quite! a shock to our sedentary bodies, and so sunday we were both staggering around like drunks. ok, i’ll write more later, for now here’s a link to the pictures we took while hiking around..

almost midnight. goodbye lenin! was really good. last night and the night before i saw two good documentaries: etoiles: dancers of the paris opera ballet and hell house. etoiles was very pretty, as suspected, but hell house was better, i think. i never had heard about hell houses before but, to sum up, they’re basically christian-themed haunted houses. put up around halloween-time, they depict all kinds of modern horrors, like the columbine shootings, rape, murder, suicide, domestic violence. and no hell house is complete without an abortion scence and a gay-person-dying-of-aids scene. the idea is to scare people into converting/being born again. scary indeed.

i read a lot in the last few days, but still for the whole month of march, outside of school-reading, i only read four books. that might be a clue to my current (and really for the past two weeks or so) extreme moodiness and jitteriness. hopefully april will be a better book month.

i received the ala catalog today, which included all kinds of “read at your library” posters featuring celebrities holding a book ostensibly ‘caught’ reading. it was funny to see who was reading what. tim robbins was reading howard zinn’s a people’s history of the u.s. bill gates and enrique iglesias are both reading ernest hemingway’s the old man and the sea. weird al yankovic is reading stephen hawking’s a brief history of time, whereas stephen hawking is reading marilyn monroe.

sunday morning was very nice. i woke up and immediately sat on my green plush armchair and read from start to finish a long awaited zine, number 6 of zuzu and the babycatcher. it was very good and as much as i enjoy the internet and spend so much time on it, i loved the smallness of it, it fit perfectly in my hands, and i loved the writing and drawings and the feeling of closing it when i finished. you should read it too. bye!



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