hi there!

last night i watched the wizard of oz for the first time in many years. at work, we have a stash of dvds and, looking for something for my friday night, i decided on the wizard of oz. i thought vacya would be totally against it and it would just be me watching and singing along :D but he was all for it. it is a pretty bizarre movie, and the technicolor just adds to that sense of unrealness (the only similar colored movie, i think, is willie wonka when they’re in that garden place and the boy falls into the chocolate river).. but it’s good! the singing is so awesome (and yes, i sung along, even with through the high-pitched parts, and there are lots of those) and the lyrics (by yip harburg, who wrote ‘brother can you spare a dime’) are great. dorothy is, as i remembered thinking when i was teeny, so not a child or teen or whatever. and kansas looks so beautiful, not the least because it is in black and white. the munchkins are the best in style. this time, unlike when i was 5, i thought a little about the political allegory that so many claim is there. (also, there’s that whole spooky pink floyd’s dark side of the moon and oz connection.) now, i want to see the wiz with michael jackson as the scarecrow and diana ross as dorothy. i also want to re-read the excellend ‘wicked’ by gregory maguire, who tells the story from the point of view of the wicked witch of the west. it’s really good..

today i’m off to the downtown library. downtown l.a. is really a crazy area, especially at night when it literally empties of people except the homeless and those waiting for buses. but the central library is gorgeous and big big, though i’ve heard that many librarians who work there complain about the lack of space (still!) and the building as a fire safety. the children’s section has it’s own pretty and rich carpet, with beautiful mahogony-ish furniture and nice lighting. oh! i’ll take my camera and take pictures. yay!

tomorrow i plan on writing up a food-post, to satisfy my yearnings for delicious food (yup, my fridge is slowly getting warmer and warmer so i guess it’s time for my bi-monthly de-frosting. don’t laugh). there are som many great food blogs and sites out there, enough to satisfy any foodie, and i know at least two. ;D (by the way, we need to have our next spaghettata!)

have a great saturday! classes start for me monday so i’m enjoying these last few days of relaxation..


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