hi. i know, this post is supposed to be about food, but i didn’t feel like it yesterday and this morning i woke up early (7 am!) and couldn’t go back to sleep and just a felt a hankering for some rss research.</p>

so, on this first day of classes for me, i present some good links to those wondering the hows, why, wheres of syndication:

» looking for the perfect rss
» an excerise in clarity: rss in ten words or less
» what is rss?
» dive into xml
» history of the rss fork
» why choose rss 1.0?
» atom wiki
» misunderstanding xml and other rss follies
» a long list of rss news/additions

also, my full list of validators:

» (x)html
» css
» grammar
» link check
» rss validator
» are you accessible?

in the news: ‘google moves to block rss scraping’.

i think i’ve decided on using [atom][21] rss 2.0, though the librarian in me wants to use rss 1.0 since it uses dublin core metatags. there seems to be a bit of tension between the different camps (are you 0.92? 1.0? atom? grrrr.) thankfully, dave winer, one of the creators of rss, recently proposed a merger between rss and atom. or is netscape returning?

*update:ok, i got something up and running for now:. yay!*

i did end up taking a bunch of pictures at lapl and they’re up to see on my gallery page.

feeling dorky and a bit sleepy,


p.s. kurt cobain died 10 years ago today. it’s so weird to remember a day ten years (!) before: i was an exchange student in palermo and a rocker boy sadly told me during a break between classes.

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