my sisters are grrrreat


it’s been a few hectic days – i’m now in maryland, visiting my family for the easter weekend. it’s so great to be here: my parents picked me up this morning, the twins arrive tonight from north carolina, my older sister and her husband come back from vacation in fla. tomorrow, and hopefully i’ll see my brother, sister-in-law, and their two gorgeous kids tonight. yay!

i posted some pictures i took here. oh it’s so nice to be home! i wonder how long i’ll comfortably call two places home at the same time. where i lived before in l.a. (loft, communal house), i’m realizing now, i never really called home i don’t think. definitely not as comfortably as i call my pretty catalina apartment home. it’s pretty here in maryland right now – spring is very evident, with nodding daffodils, sweet little buds all over the place, and the grass so green and soft.

my sisters are grrrrreat!

i’ll write more later..


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