blue castle

oh i love my family!

my sisters leave tomorrow to head back to nc state and i’m bummed. but i leave also for l.a. tomorrow night (technically wednesday morning) ~ and i can’t wait. i hate feeling rushed and that’s what i’ve been feeling all weekend. not due to anyone’s behavior or anything like that. it’s just that i have only four full days here and this is the first time i’m here since christmas.

right now, it’s got to be that way, i guess. i can either: a)take two full weeks off to come home once a year, with one, maybe two little weekend vacations besides that for the whole year, or b)lots of little weekend vacations and maybe four or five days off of work for the winter holidays. so i chose b. but right now, bwaaaah, i miss my family. and i haven’t even left yet, i just spent a great past three days.

at least i took a ton of pictures, and ate a ton too, and talked lots, especially with the twins. sigh.

last night, i re-read l.m. montgomery‘s blue castle, probably for the tenth time. i love her books.



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