my next car


i just got back from maryland this morning – and i went straight from the airport to work. argh. i’m exhausted and feeling a bit (ok, a lot) sorry for myself.

i feel really behind on news and things-to-do and classes and just everything. argh again.

i’ll post some interesting stuff here soon, i promise. and i’ll try really hard not to complain and whine as much as i have lately.

ok, here’s some good links for now:

first of all, al giordano from narco news is being awarded an ‘uppie’, or the Upton Sinclair Freedom of Expression Award by the southern californian ACLU on may 15, 2004.

i once ordered some pretty successful sandals from a great online vegan store, and now they’ve just increased their all-vegan shoe offerings a lot, including these wicked i-can’t-believe-they’re-not-leather stilletto boots.

many already know about them, but just in case you missed it, znet is starting up moveable type blogs for some of its writers, including noam chomsky, william blum, tim wise, and michael albert. if only they would deviate from the ugly yellow templates…

also on znet, there is a great audio page, with links to various speakers that readers of zmag will recognize, like vandana shiva, chomsky, tariq ali, arundhati roy, barbara ehrenreich, robert jensen, and more. most of the links lead to radio4all (never heard of look here!), but democracy now! and others are there, too.

my next car will be a hybrid. (of course, that’s a good three, four years away.. sigh.)

last but not least, some books i just put on hold at lapl: tithe and spiderwick vol.1, both by holly black. (why? good reviews in green man review…)


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