suvs are the devil


i’m at school all day today which is quite a luxury since i’m usually either rushing to school from home or rushing out of school to get to work on time. today after class, i saw a flyer saying that lawrence lessig would be speaking at ucla’s law school at noon, so off i went, very excited. from his blog, i got this great link on how the heirs of l.m. montgomery lost their bid to extend copyright protection in canada. yeah canada! anne, i’m sure, would’ve been against copyright. :D

there’s so much going on — today starts the la ‘artivist’ film festival (artivist is such an ugly word, no grace to it at all) which tonight will show supersize me and next wednesday, i just found out, the corporation! also, for those librarians out there, a documentary on bloodhag will be shown on saturday. argh!

for the last few days, i’ve re-newed my interest in the internet book list. they’re up to over 19,000 books, which is quite a lot of books, all entered by hand, isbns, books covers, reviews, ratings, blurbs, and more. i’m trying to add to the collection, so far by lobbying for ‘magical realism’ as a sub-genre and adding alice hoffman, who they hadn’t had any book of, which is shocking. (!) the list is limited to all books of fiction and in english, though i think there’s a general idea of broadening in the future. the sci-fi geeks have more or less taken over, it seems, but that’s because we’re all also huge computer dorks , sigh. those of you who read this (all five. seriously. double sigh.) who also like books should really think about adding to this list. check it out…

a great friend from college recently emailed me and a few others that all bonded (i.e. procrastinated) together senior year, reminding us all that we had promised when graduating that in 5 years we would all get together wherever we where! so, like the cool girl she is, my dear friend was reminding us that 2005 is just around the corner. now, she is in brazil, sandra is in nicaragua, gina is who-knows-where, and i’m stuck here in ol’ l.a. nicole (in brazil) suggests we all go to brazil for a week to ten days and plan our trip around some political theme, since we’re all pretty politically-minded. oh it sounds so great! that kind of creative and spontaneous-feeling (though now being planned for over a year from now :D) is largely what i miss from college days, especially with this group of incredible women.

i also just got an email from one of my lovely sisters entitled “not all suvs are the devil”. ah! let’s see shall we? so, luci writes of the new ford escape that is going to be released this summer and is (ta-daa!) a hybrid. hmpf. according to the website, this new fancy suv will get 35-40 miles to the gallon. i can’t help but a think such a leap in mindset (from the notorious 10-12 mpg many suvs, and also that ugly hummer, get) came about as a direct reaction to criticisms of suvs, generating sites like this one (, and this one (, and most of all, changing the climate with their infamous i’m changing the climate! ask me how bumper stickers. anyhow, this new ford suv sounds like it is definitely better.

but i still think there’s something really wrong about people driving around humongous scary cars when they’re mostly filled with only one person! and, maybe it’s just me, but basically every new shiny suv i see is driven by some of the most obnoxious entitled-feeling bad drivers i’ve ever seen. i can’t help but think that the whole psychology of why people choose such big cars is pretty obvious. am i wrong?

~ andrea

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