working for the weekend

everybody’s working for the weekend.

that’s such a sad title for a song, but it’s so true! there’s much about my job that i really like, but still almost every friday i’m just staring at the clock. argh.

but the drive home! oh so sweet! especially when it’s a day like today was, gorgeous and warm and the kind of deep robin’s egg blue that i love, not the typical limpid l.a. blue. with that, a good parking spot, and seeing that the going rate for an apartment two floors above me (with the rest identical) is going for $30 more than i’m paying, well all of that makes for a happy andrea. then, throw in that my hosting company just flat out rocks and a smiling vacya with delicious rice and carmalized veggies when i walk in the door, sigh, i am happppy!

continuing the other day’s themes, here’s some great news: michael moore recently announced that his new film, fahrenheit 911, has been selected to debut at the cannes film festival. that’s in about a month, so we’re definitely looking at a summer release for this film. very very exciting!

if you’re at all interested in information architecture, check out aifia‘s new ia library. though most of the resources (over 150 articles, sites, mailing lists, etc) are in english, there are a handful each in spanish, french, and japanese. obviously, they need to add to this library. any suggestions?

as part of my great systems design class at school, the teacher asked us to read some articles from the design magazine metropolis, including this great article on the transformation of an inner city school library, and especially this article (pdf) on the design compnay ideo. the idea of ideo (!) is that they will take any product and change it around, remake it, really, so that it will be more intuitive and more useful. among their clients/projects have been mcdonald’s , an indiana hospital, and <a href=”>lufthansa</a>. so what? well, just look at the stuff they’ve come up with. yeah, it’supersuper slick-looking, which i’m always wary of and usually dislike. but it’s really pretty in a very simple duh kid of way. like the ipod. really, they do remind me of apple in that same pretty-andit-makes-sense kind of way. they been so successful, they even have come out with their own book (which of course i want to read. is that evil?) also, check out their very cool collaboration with stanford, resulting in this. the only thing i don’t like is that the design all look the same after a while, i just start thinking ikea. now, that’s not so bad if you’re into a real clean modern blah blah look. but me? i loove just love jumbled organic swirling complicated mishmashes. that’s why i love the arts and crafts movement: swirly beauty meets function, practicality, stability, and use.

~ i’m sure i’ll write more later, but since for now i can’t think how to end this post gracefully, much less sum it all up in any kind of tidy way, tgif! and bye,


p.s. i totally forgot: check out my hot mama. i recently updated gallery and it now has search capabilities. fancy!

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