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today just hasn’t been a good day and i’m trying to figure out why. not a bad day, just a blah day. with a little bad tinging the edges. partially, that has to do with my loads of laundry literally stinking up my apartment. (sorry, that’s gross. but too true.) also, with this recent l.a. heatwave, my hair is frizzing in it’s biggest bloom yet… there are probably other little nothings nagging me, but i’m too lazy to think of them.

ok. that’s the end of that whining. promise. for today, at least. argh!

i really love plain mabel. it’s just a great creative site and one day, when i’m racking my brain trying to think of a cool present to make for a friend, i just know i’ll cry triumphant and rush to plain mabel and save my poor fingers from any needless work. (sorry for all the fancy writing. my brain is in a knot right now.) anyhow, i love looking at plain mabel’s stuff, it makes me feel all creative. oh, and ditto for pashupatina.

this weekend, vacya and i tried to figure out why the fridge needed defrosting literally every two weeks. using this site and this one, we figured out what was wrong, replaced one part and ordered another, due to arrive this weekend. yippee! i felt so proud, it was fun taking the fridge apart and now i just like to open it and feel all the cold air come rushing out.

oh! i finally got the rss thing to work. now, as soon as i post something new, it works like it’s supposed to, and updates the rss almost automatically (i hate cutting and pasting so this is a big improvement). so, syndicate away, if you wish. it was a little tricky since i’m not using any cms or anything, it’s all basically home-made, but i found this handy script that generates xml from a php/mysql setup, which is what i’ve got. and it worked like a charm.

i like the way mooshi looks. the writing is funny too, but sharper than the way i write, i think. and i really like the menu du jour section in the lower right hand corner. pretty and so delicious sounding. i like minimalist sites a lot, but it’s hard for me to be so elegant. i’m a cluttered mind, and naturally jumpy, in a good way most of the time, so i can only admire the clean look. thank goodness i also like the jumbled baroque look, though this site is much cleaner-looking than my apartment, notebooks, desk at work, car, you get the idea.

~ i’m tired, and i still have some school work to do for tomorrow, ‘ta,


p.s. maccawsweb standards primer – handy and pretty.

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