watering hole

i’m so excited it’s almost almost the weekend ~ this week really just flew by! with my new school schedule, once work on tuesday is done, i feel ‘over the hump’ week-wise as vacya says. i still have class wed. morning, work wed. afternoon, and two classes all day thursday, as well as work on friday but it feels less like a ‘normal’ work schedule, which is quite nice.

i’ve been meaning to post these pictures for a while.. thank you mami! with your sweet valentine’s day certificate, my kittens now have a much cleaner water supply, besides being bigger, and more splish-splashy fun! at first, the cats were freaked out, though partially that was because they could sense how excited vacya and i were and they know, when that excitement is focused on them, that usually means nothing good for them. but pretty soon, they were just hunched around the fountain, staring at the water running out, like they were big cats on the serengetti at the local watering hole.

the only thing i worry about is that the motor might burn out. i never turn it off, and i don’t want to since that’s the whole point of this fancy fountain. but it’s such a success with the cats, it would be a real big deal if it broke. does anyone have any experience with such a fountain?

i knew trouble, the water-worshipping one (she loves the tub, sink, faucets, and drains, especially my cloggy kitchen sink that makes all kinds of weird sounds and pushes water up and down, yuck), would love the fountain. but mama cat! with the old water-thing, she would get half her face wet trying to get to the clean(er) water at the back of the bowl but with this new fountain, she just sticks her whole paw in and scoops out lots of water, over and over! no idea why, but it looks like she’s having fun.

i’m such a typical librarian: bookworm: check, glasses: check, has cats: check, talks about them all the time: check. sigh.

today i saw the reversing vandalism presentation at school. it was great. jim van buskirk, from sfpl, spoke and he seemed like such a decent cool guy. i was really happy to have gone. for more info on the exhibit, see here, here, and here (i saved the best for last).

it’s a half hour to midnight and i’m just sitting down to dinner, vacya made it, yummmmm

~ andrea

p.s. yikes, such bad writing. it’s friday morning and i’m fixing some of it. sorry, i blame it on my hunger.

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