hi there. lately i’ve been coming home and just passing out on the couch. don’t quite know why i’m so seemingly sleep-deprived, but it’s very nice to wake up at 9 pm or so and realize that i don’t have to go to work, or school, for another 12 hours and yet i already feel pretty rested and comfy. i love my apartment! i moved in 369 days ago and so much has changed for me because of this apartment — stability stability stability. i feel silly, but really what a difference it’s made to know i have a cozy (yeah, and crowded) home just waiting, filled to the brim with good books, comfy sleeping spaces, a kitchen that’s all mine, sweet cats, and (often) a happy boy puttering around in the kitchen or on the computer, making beautiful playlist on itunes or cooking great dinners. sigh. very nice! life is crazy hectic but this home i’ve created (me! i created it! i’m extremely proud of that.) really calms me down, helps me not freak out, when i normally would have, and just makes so happy. so, to sum up, catnapping after work is good and my apartment, though hotter-than-hell lately, is my very favorite place to be.

today was intern open house day at school. basically, everyone’s looking for internships for this summer, and fall even, and as part of work, i went with the director and we sat around and talked for a bunch of hours to prospesctive interns. all good, right? well. weird, mostly in that 1) i’m a student there! in that program! how weird was it to sit across from someone who’s in your classes but you are now ‘interviewing’, with their power suits and resumes, and 2) i think i met and talked with more of my fellow classmates today then i have the whole year so far. depressing, to say the least. i’m really glad to have my job, but i also really feel like i’m missing out so much on the whole grad school experience since i’m always rushing from/to school and i have little time for just hanging out. argh. but, i’ve never been a big hanger-out anyway, so mostly i’m just frustrated i don’t have even the option to allow for radically changing my personality into a vivacious extrovert because i just constantly have to be somewhere else. silly, huh?

on sunday, i went to the downtown central library for a few hours. loved it as always. i think i’ve only gotten there a few time before the library actually opened for the day. but on sunday, they open at 1. and it was amazing to see how many people were waiting for the doors to open! so exciting! that library has entrances on three sides, so presumably the other sides were filled up too, but the side i was on, wow, it was like 50 people at least. on a sunday! at the library! hm. and that made me think that yeah, every time that i’ve been there waiting to get in, there’s always been lots and lots of peole waiting. and that’s happened on weekdays, 10 am. the range of types of people was great, too: entire families, student-looking people of course, downtown homeless folks (some i recognized from food not bombs), teenage boys with their skateboards, and lots and lots of people like me, by themselves, with enormous empty bags waiting to be filled with books. i loved the mood. as always, in any public setting where people from all types/classes/races/gender mix (think of public transportation or the mva), there was a tension, a weird eye-contact thing going on. but i kinda like that tension. and still, it was much more positive than a bus ride experience, i mean, we’re all here waiting for the library. you can tell that just blows my mind. sorry i can’t seem to express it well. hm. or did i?

yeah, yeah, lots of writing, but only two or three links? what? so, ok, here: colorstrology: what’s your color?, the librarian’s weapon of mass instruction (library humor is so dorky, i really dig it), and are you a harry potter fan (or foe)? check out wizard people, dear reader. by the way, i’ve mentioned stay free magazine a few times (it’s excellent), but if you haven’t heard of the illegal art exhibit that they are involved with, and you’re at all interested in copyrigh and intellectual property issues, check them out. one of my hands down favorite pieces is heidi cody’s american alphabet.


p.s. i saw dersu uzala last night with vacya. so good!

p.s.2 hallelujah! common fonts to windows and their mac equivalents. an amazingly hard list to find! i’m very excited.

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