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argh. i just lost the whole entry i’d been writing. i don’t know what’s up with firefox, but lately it’s just been quitting on me pretty regularly, with no sign of problem right before it up and quits, no infamous mac beachball of death, nothing. so frustrating.
so anyway, hi there. hmpf. ..

i’m very happy to be home finally after such a long day. thursday’s are great since it’s the one day i’m just a student, not a rushed student / late-for-work worker like on all the other days. but it also leaves me feeling drained, 7:30 in the morning till 10 pm. a long day indeed.

tonight, for my appraisal class, i had to present heather mcneil‘s article on the state, individuals, privacy and records and, following in the footsteps of others ( and etc), i did it all powerpoint-free, yay! and it has a pretty background color, dontcha think?

since i’m posting school stuff, here’s my links page for my xml class. my final paper is going to be about the possibilities of xml in making the web more accessible for those with physical difficulties, especially with bad vision or blind. i’ll post more about this later. for now, how people with disabilities use the web and xml changing the lives of the print disabled.
even though i’m in a masters program and all, i still wonder all the time where to go with it, what to do, what do i want to be, and all that. one idea is information architecture. especially when it’s laid out so pretty like on this handy danday student roadmap (from the excellent ia wiki for those with ia interests)..

in case you haven’t seen it yet, check out newsmap, a very pretty (flash), and still useful, visual redesign of google news. it’s funny how whenever people try and envision what google will look like in the future, when they try to redesign google (like in that wired article back in december), they always mess up the one thing that set google apart from all the other search engines a few years ago (though now most have followed google’s lead): simple design.
oh before i forget! the w3c came out with a newer much better (x)html validator. check it out. also, don’t know if they’ve always had it or what, but their link checker is great and super fast.

tomorrow i go to pick up the fridge part vacya and i ordered a week ago, it’s been waiting for me at the post office since saturday but i’ve been too busy to go and pick it up. knock on wood for us that it works and fixes the fridge. how exciting that would be! a few days ago, since vacya mentioned it to the apartment manager, someone came and fixed that dang leaky faucet. (though really, the leaking had turned to gushing lately. and gushing hot hot water, not cold or tepid water. yuck.) i feel so luxurious to not have that dripp-drip-dripping in my ear, in my subconscious, in my dreams.

~ andrea

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