hi. i’m off this weekend to see my sisters graduate from north carolina state univ. it’s right now 6:30ish in the morning — not enough sleep, so much to do in the next hour, and i feel like crap.

the other night i added commenting to my site once again – i had it before i switched to lunarpages but i only got one comment (which was thrilling, thanks amanda) but when i switched hosting companies, i thought why humiliate myself by putting commenting up if no one, and i mean no one, looks at my site, much less comments. ok, yes, i’m in a bad bad mood. i’m a moody person. maybe another day i can try once more to not show the moods on these posts and just be super happy and so excited about this world wide web, wow!..
but right now, f**k it, i’m not happy. (though a little amused at myself for asterik-ing f**ck. when i say it, and i don’t cuss usually, but when i do, i say it real quick. seeing it in print though, for some reason, makes it look all drawn out and casual, not at all how i mean it.) my mood has little to do with this site, and i didn’t set it up to become the most popular person in the world, but i felt like i should post something before i leave (weird blogger-guilt) and i didn’t feel like pretending all is fine.

you know those days when you feel like you’ll never really get beyond certain problems you just keep facing over and over again? and maybe that particular problem hasn’t shown itself for months, maybe years, and you think to yourself, hey, that’s over with, i’ve matured/grown-up/gotten better, and then bam, up it pops again and it’s like it never went away, you’re just always going to be screwed up about this. well, that was the last few days for me and i’m just not happy. bad problems like these seem much more possible to fix when you’re a teenager, or a 20 year old. but 27? yeah, i know i’m fixating on age a bit recently, but still, really at 27, it begins to look like this is just the kind of unpleasant person you are and will always be.

anyhow, so commenting is up. last time i used symbio, an open-sourse cgi application, but it was too fancy for what i wanted (it had it’s own control panel, just way overkill for my purposes) so this time i tried out dotcomments, which uses php and that’s it. very easy and so far fine, except i can’t get the comment counter to work, don’t know why.

i hope every single person who reads this has a great happy weekend,

~ andrea

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