humor in my life


it’s so frustrating how things can be going really well (at least in some areas) and then you just have one day that really bites and of course it has to happen on a crucial assignment-laden day, and there goes the whole equilibrium of my quarter, much less my life. (yeah, i’m a drama queen in denial. but that is the way it feels. logically i know better, but my emotions just don’t listen very well to logic.)

i missed classes on thursday and work on friday: i felt horrible and didn’t feel like faking interest and sanity for eight+ hours, so i stayed home and kept my miserable-ness contained to my apartment (more or less). now, i’m stressing out about thursday’s classes, not so much the one in the morning, because that was the first class i missed, but the night class, the one on appraisal.. man, i missed the first two classes (out of ten) and so this is my third miss. and we had class presentations.

today i still felt sick & bad so i didn’t go to work again. not a big deal since i almost never miss work. but, work + school + miserable + poofy hair + i-don’t-even-want-to-mention = a very unhappy unstable-feeling andrea.

vacya cut my hair today. to put it mildly, and he said it too, he hacked away at my hair, especially the left side, and it looks like it went through a lawnmower. well, i wanted it short, didn’t i? my hair is so dang frizzy. supposedly i got this great hair that’s so thick and full of body and all that, but what does it amount to? i look like i’m wearing a wig! i’ve already got a gi-normous head, i don’t need a helmet of hair to reinforce the idea. i’ll try and post a picture so you can laugh at it.

i’m trying to see the humor in my life right now, and trying not to freak out by recent events,

good luck to you if you’re doing the same


p.s. at least i got that comments-thing to work. i guess i’ll procrastinate some more and play around with the comments stylesheet. oh the things we do for fun..

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