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happy friday! as always, so glad to see the weekend. so glad it’s a little ridiculous.

i wrote about some web color tools earlier, but here’s some more to add to the list: color.twysted.net is bee-you-tee-ful! and this color palette will be mighty useful. was is it about color guides and tools that soothe and please me so much? something to do with reviving often-flagging enthusiasm over my site. everything feels all brand new. silly me. mezzoblue linked to this good article from boxesandarrows on selecting colors found in nature

where libraries and web design meet: a section of the loc online has just been redesigned and looks pretty shnazzy, besides being xhtml 1.0 transitional valid and, if you have an old browser, they have a link directing the user to webstandards.org! hip hip hooray! (it’s a shame the linked page has to have all that distracting text at the top about spam alerts and all that.) now, if only they could get the main loc page to look a little less stodgy..
ia happiness is this new findability site. i’m very happy to note that on the libraries & literacy section, it says “the ultimate search engine is a reference librarian.” yup, that is correct.

i never head about this cluetrain thing and i don’t have time right now to read all ninety-five declarations but a few things: i don’t like how the ideas are all distanced from each other and numbered, makes it seem more pretentious; all of it reminds me of a kind of annoying the-whole-world-has-changed! tech rant that i remember reading about before the whole dotcom burst; good ideas but still seeming like a corporate marketing plan; and, of the ones i read, i like #7 best: ‘hyperlinks subvert hierarchy.’ i think i’m years late in talking about this thing, but better late than never, huh.
willful infringemnet is a new film about one man’s fight with disney over ip. this article talks a bit about the film, which includes commentary by (my favorite) carrie mclaren from stay free magazine, negativland, and more. maybe i can get vidiots to get it..

i’d been dreading yesterday all week long and now it’s over, thank goodness. it went well, actually. it was just looong. last night i went to bed pretty happy knowing thursday was over. i have much to fix, but for now at least, the overwhelimg sense of instability has lessened incredibly. cross your fingers for me..

~ andrea

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