hair cut

hello. i’m not planning on getting any sleep tonight since i had 1)one paper due 5 hours ago, 2)a meeting in 10 hours to finalize a group project, and 3)one paper due 20 hours from now (really, it’s due thursday, not wednesday night, but i won’t be around thursday, sux). but, with good food and beautiful music (thanks to vacya) and this fast great computer, i plan to have all three done within the next 24 hours. yikes.

so, a few weeks ago, in a stupid rage, i chopped off a whole lot of hair. in this picture i look happy, but only after a couple days of much unhappiness and after vacya explained that i didn’t have to comb my hair back (a la superman) but could comb it forward, looking less like a combo between patrick swayzee and brigitte nielson. (btw, there’s a very good reason this picture is so dark.) i still feel really stupid for having chopped it off, not because i don’t like short hair but rather because i was really into having long-ish curly-wavy hair and was looking forward to the next planned phase. so, now i wait, again. it’ll take a good year to get back to what it was before my five minute freak-out. in the meantime, just call me bedhead.

i’ll post more later, hopefully with a link to my first paper, if i’m proud of it, which remains to be seen,
update 5/16/04: ok, here it is: Accessibility For The Print-Disabled Using XML ~ i am pretty proud of it though i know the writing is awfully shaky (and just awful in some parts, especially at the end where i felt like i should just give in to the preacher-mode and write ‘hallelujah! the day will come!’) but i feel like i learned a lot. and that i always like. the second project was done as of this morning at ten am, phew. and now, final number three. yikes. we’ll see.

more of an update 5/19/04:my mom grabbed me and took me hostage.. off to puerto vallarta for three days, where my tia yvonne and supre-great cousin maria jose met up with us. the weather is incredibly hot, and of course, whitey that i am, i burned my shoulders and chest to a crisp and am in constant agony, but am eating a lot of cheese and talking and laughing for hours. very surreal to be here and not there, suffering with papers. but i’ll be back sunday night with my last paper turned in monday morning. and then! and then! my summer starts — ahh, i can’t wait. *though right now is pretty sweet, too, i must say. :D *

~ andrea

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