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i’m on a real craftsy kick, at least reading-wise (it remains to be seen if i make anything or not..) so, i’ve been frequenting several boards and sites, particularly getcraftsy‘s forum (update: and yet another two more craft/diy sites, super naturale, yay! their glitter forum is greatgreat. & the church of craft, bizarre and inspiring.), ibuydiy, seeds of change (too late for me to do/help with gardening, but i can look at pretty greens and flowers anyway), and checking out lots of fun to-do books from the library, like stich n’ bitch, fresh from the vegetarian slow cooker, and knit one, felt too.

i’m thinking of joining the local stitch n bitch listserv (and i’d really like to get a look at their events calendar) and i just sent off a rsvp to a drop spindle class for next wedneday night. also, a few years back, vacya and i went on some wild food walks with this woman, hilla futterman ~ i still can identify wild mustards, miner’s lettuce, ice plant just from walking with her for a few hours a couple of saturdays in a row. anywhow, she’s offering two sunday morning walks through lacc‘s summer classes, so i might do that too. the good thing about all these events is that they’re at most three hours long and either very cheap or free so i feel like flaking at the last moment, no big deal. mini-detox, indeed.

knitting in l.a.: Edna Hart Boutique & Knittery, knit cafe, suss design, with lots more listed here

homesteading-stuff in l.a.:pathtofreedom events

weaving in l.a.: as always, i gotta keep an eye on these folk: so calif handweavers’ guild
inspiration: oh, i just love this clothing, so pretty and this freeform knitting looks beautiful (more at
also, some more unschooling links: the unprocessed child and definitions of unschooling, and i’d like to get this zine called edgy’catin mama ($8 from Nina Packebush
1102 Hiatt Ct. Sultan, WA 98294) (update: yahoo, i found their online forum), school free zone and learning in freedom.

more books to read, the theme here is homeschooling: skellig, caucasia, survivng the applewhites, the islander, into the forest, the wild thornberrys, and stargirl. also, a documentary on homeschooling.
“the disappearance of a sense of responsibility is the most far-reaching consequence of submission to authority.” by stanley milgram

~ andrea

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