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hi there. i had a great great weekend ~ oh finally! after quite a while of graygray days and weeks (and i’m not talking about the weather..), a burst of sunshine. i’m still cautious, which is good, and i know there’s still a lot of residue and effects from the last six weeks or so, but still, phew! the days passed quickly and happily. how was your weekend?

i saw fahrenheit 911 on friday night (at 1 am in westwood with a theatre packed full of very social ucla students who cheered and whooped a lot), saw bowling for columbine saturday night (and got a copy for myself on dvd), and am going to see fahrenheit 911 again tonight with vacya, his sister, and her boyfriend in santa monica. i talked to my dad on the phone earlier today and we set a date to watch bowling for columbine together the next time i go home (which will probably be thnaksgiving at the earliest). i like bowling for columbine better, i think it’s a better film and i love how it doesn’t give any answers, just asks real good honest questions. don’t get me wrong, i like fahrenheit 911 – and, most importantly, i think as a result of this documentary there’ll be a lot more questions asked during the upcoming national conventions and election that otherwise would not have been asked.

i went on a mini-shopping spree this weekend: a delicious homemade brunch at vacya’s (scambled eggs, waffles, fresh fruit salad, hash browns, fresh o.j., bagels, fake bacon, and nice conversations), two new paris of shoes (both from steve madden, which was a surprise), two mascaras (deep brown and .. buy-one-get-one-free blue! pics coming soon), a new clay mask (oh it’s fun to be a girl sometimes), some yarn and bamboo knitting needles from wildfiber, and sparkly nailpolish. yay! that’s it for a while though, sigh.
some noteworthy links: the anarcha project (though very much still in development).

also, a sneak preview of tiger, apple’s soon-to-come update of their fantastic os x. so purty, and i really want an ichat soon ‘cause that webconferencing looks swwweet. lastly, downhill battle has put up a lot of info on the upcoming Inducing Infringements of Copyright Act (“The Induce Act”) which looks to reverse the Univesal v. Sony (Betamax) decision which ruled that businesses could not be liable for products that customers could use to make unauthorized copies. For more info see (i love my ipod, gulp!).

summer classes start tomorrow – i have a collection development class from 1 to 4 pm. i hope it’s good, but if it’s not, i’m dropping it like a hot potato.

~ andrea

p.s. i love my juicer! pictures forthcoming, carrot-juice-stains and all, promise.

p.s. again: some tinkering around here (go firefox!) and am considering moving to an official blog system, like word press or textpattern. am leaning towards wordpress (i’ve tried textism and, as much as i like dean allen (a lot), eric meyer uses wordpress. besides, i like to play with new toys. any (real) suggestions? what about those that have ‘rolled their own’, like me?

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