one problem of setting up this page the way i have is that when joy-of-joys someone actually posts a comment, i usually can’t bear to post anything new because then that post moves to the past page and i have to start all over again. and, there’s also the chance (like a snowball in hell..) that someone seeing my post, plus someone else’s comment, may deign to comment themselves! lordy, that would be a virtual commenting revolution for this site.. so, usually, i would hold off and wait in vain and yet be very pleased to see that one shining comment all ready for others to click on. not this time, though. partially because amanda has increased my confidence with many a nice comment and, mostly, because it’s a dull-as-dirt friday, with most of the building, much less office, totally deserted. what’s a good girl to do? answer: 1) catch up with bloglines and 2) read as many different versions of your horoscope that you can find.

finally catching up on my rss feeds that have been building up in bloglines (over 100 entries with some sites, yikes), i found this. i love this picture ~ reminds me of sidewalks in big cities that are all cracking and upheaving due to roots of trees. nature rules all ~ like here and here. (trying to find photos of sidwalks cracking due to trees is really hard! i know i’ve seen much more dramatic examples than the two i found, maybe i’ll look around this weekend and try to find a few. heck, just looking out my office window i see one creat one from here. ok, i’ll do it and post some photos on tuesday.) now, i know that’s not the point of this photo, but when i look at it, it feels like the same creepy power of nature that i am so glad exists.

four years ago, in my third year russian class, the teacher brought in all of our yearly horoscopes for us to translate to russian. i didn’t believe in any of that nonsense till that class, but that day i had to change my mind because it was dead on. spooky, but i couldn’t deny it. (my teacher got them from that big “secret language of birthdays” book. if you get a chance, see march 4th, the ‘day of creative isolation’ or something like that. yup, that’s me.) since then, though still pretty skeptical, i check mine out every so often. so, on this ho-hum-i-can’t-stand-it friday, here’s some bits: “You really must watch that tendency to play the martyr.” “Of course, intuitive Pisces understands the moods and behaviour of others so well that you can be quite a manipulator behind the scenes.” “Your most creatively stimulating and soothing environment is close to water, especially near the ocean.” “Your intense imagination can lead you to stretch the truth under many circumstances..” (oh dear.)

i have xtc’s “dear god” song in my head, so good i can’t stand it. vacya introduced it to me the other day and since then i find myself humming it. maybe i’ll put it up as a streaming mp3, good idea?

~ andrea

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